My name as you may have gathered, is Josh. I grew up in rural NSW and later moved to Queendsland in 2006, working various jobs including mining in Central Queensland and in the Northern Territory. As a fly-in-fly-out worker, I was afforded the time to pursue my hobbies.
My interest in leather first came from discovering the knives I collected came with poorly made sheaths or pouches. I struggled to find a Leather-smith to make the leather items I wanted; and saw an opportunity to learn a new skill working with leather. I quickly became obsessed with leather.  My collection of leather working tools grew rapidly! It is certainly not a cheap interest, however I quickly found there were no shortage of people wanting all manor of leather items made, which gave me the drive to keep learning and widen my leather-craft skill-set to eventually establish Joshua Leather.
Joshua Leather now produces high quality, hand made leather goods for the discerning client.
The charmed smell. The quality feel. The known dependability. The ruggedness. The versatility and least of all the style. I am obsessed!
It is the ease in which leather announces itself as 'old world quality’ that draws you in. It is sorely missed these days, but investing in a meticulously hand-crafted leather item is like escaping the “throw away world” that now dominates, to own something that will last and only build character as it ages.
My goal is to make high quality goods that will withstand the test of time; and I use a range of techniques- both old and new to achieve this. 
When you choose to invest in a hand-crafted, hand-sewn Joshua Leather item, you get what you pay for- quality that will last!